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Fawn Attends The 2012 Carnival

Of Darkness Film Festival


The 3rd Annual Carnival of Darkness Film Festival Fearlessly Frightens


On Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 from 7-11pm, the Hollywood horror community assembled for the third Carnival of Darkness film festival. Held in the ultra-modern Los Angeles Film School Theater, the Carnival began with a Blood Red Carpet where filmmakers and stars were ready to get their scare on.


From the very first film, it was clear that this film festival was all about showcasing quality work. Filmgoers paid $12 a ticket to experience several notable films, each exploring horror and science fiction in ways you usually wouldn't see at a multiplex. "The Hike" was an early standout, about a group of 20-somethings who discover a mysterious metal box in the middle of a forest strewn with bones, featuring General Hospital favorite actress, Emily Wilson. An absolutely gorgeous film was "The Captured Bird.” Filled with surreal imagery such as floating blue bug monsters and an enormous Palace-like dwelling, they're all at the mercy of one powerful little girl.


Half way through the festival, we were treated to an incredible panel of stars and filmmakers, moderated by Dai Green. On the panel were organizer and filmmaker Alex Bram, actress Tara Cardinal, filmmaker Drew Daywalt and the legendary actress Veronica Cartwright. It was tough not to be enraptured as Veronica told stories about working with Alfred Hitchcock as a 12-year-old child actress in "The Birds, Jeff Goldblum in “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" and with Ridley Scott on "Alien." She was quite funny, humble and extremely interested in the others on the panel, even asking them questions about their films.  


During the second set of films, there were some amazing shorts. "The Gift," "The Guest," "Behind You" and "Blue Hole" were standouts. "Meat" was a cute micro-short about a pair if hunters and their magical kill. Things wrapped up with a real coup. A very familiar actor to those into science fiction, Kier Dullea, peered from behind a computer and walked into a modern Victorian bay, where a giant, shiny black egg rested. Once there, he opened it and stepped inside.  A micro tribute to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

At the end of the evening, Alex Bram announced the winner of “The Thrill Ride” award, which went to the film, "Behind You." This film was about a really tough woman and the demon that haunts her. All in all, this film festival was a stellar success.  Notables in attendance were Actors Juliet Landau, Emily Wilson, Veronica Cartwright, Dee Dee Bigelow, Tara Cardinal, Paul Solet, Trent Haaga and Ryan Karloff, Hit Billboard Singer/Songwriter Fawn, Film maker Drew Daywalt, Horror Author John Palisano, Writer and Producer Jeffrey Reddick. To find out more about the Carnival of Darkness Film Festival.

SHORT FILMS FINALISTS                                                           FILM DIRECTOR             

 Things Fall Apart                                                                       Rob Chiu

Feed A                                                                                          Clarke Mayer

How to Kill Your Clone                                                                Jack McWilliams

Chameleon                                                                                   Samuel Lemberg

The Hike                                                                                       Walter Michael Bost

The Gift                                                                                         Carl Rinsch

Many Doors of Albert Whale (actually stars )                           Marichelle Daywalt

Captured Bird                                                                               Jovanka Vuckovic

Blue Hole                                                                                       Eric Gardener

Behind You                                                                                    Benjamin Freiburger

The Guest                                                                                      Bryan Ryan

Immersive Cocoon                                                                        Oliver Zeller





About Toto:

They found Toto chained by the neck with a circus in Chile. His body was covered in cigarette burns because they made him smoke during the act and people would throw lit cigarettes at him. He'd been torn from the wild and had been alone for over 20 years. ADI took him home to Africa and reunited him with his own kind. Lion Ark Night is more than a great night out, it's about cutting the chains of animals like Toto.

Lion Ark Night.

Fawn with Bob Barker

About ADI:

ADI: To educate, create awareness, and promote the interest of humanity in the cause of justice, and the suppression of all forms of cruelty to animals; wherever possible, to alleviate suffering, and to conserve and protect animals and their environment. To find out more about ADI, visit



Mariana Tosca and Alexandra Paul 



Organized by Jeff Schiffman, invites went out on Facebook with 623 stating that they were going. All ages were found walking dead. The youngest was 4 years old. Leo Palisano, age 6 was a zombie resembling Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. When asked if he was having fun as a zombie, he shyly replied “Yep.”

Leo Palisano and Fawn



There were prom queens zombies, business men zombies, baseball athlete zombies, housewife zombies in curlers, mom, dad and child zombies, birthday party zombies, Marilyn Monroe zombies, dancing zombies, Dr. zombies, nurse zombies and even a Beethoven zombie. Reactions were varied from 



The first zombie walk on record took place August 19, 2001, in Sacramento, California and was billed as a “Zombie Parade.” Since then the idea has spread all over the world and is wildly popular in the United States. For more information visit







Zombie walk Jeff Schiffman, lurking around Hollywood Blvd.



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