"Ode To Amour" By Fawn on CBS The Young And The Restless December 7, 2015

Remnants A Collection Of Piano Compositions Written By Fawn

Fawn Wishes Bob Barker A Happy Birthday

Well for some reason my Bday wish to Bob Barkeraka R0CkStAr for the animals didn't post yesterday, so here I go today, a day late! Bob, you are an AMAZING human being! A fine example of what every one should be like. Happy 92 years young! You are a HERO in this world. Thank you for making this world a better place to be in!

Fawn on WOSradio "Emanuel God Is With Us" December 3, 2015

This Thursday, December 3, 2015, catch my song "Emanuel God Is With Us" on Women of Substance Radio & Podcast at www.wosradio.com noon and 8pm EST, (am and 5pm PST. Available on iTuneswith 50% of proceeds going to special needs and senior dogs rescued by The Pepper Foundation.

Fawn CBS The Young and The Restless "Christmas Time" December 1, 2015 Episode#1.10807

This coming Tuesday, December 1st catch my song "Christmas Time" on CBS The Young and the Restless The Young and The Restless Fan Page.You can buy this album or just the song and 50% proceeds will go to senior and special needs dogs rescued by The Pepper Foundation and Julie Chadwick