Fawn on Scary Scribes Radio Show For Unnatural Tales Of The Jackalope


I can't believe I'm actually a published book author! Here is my interview with 3 other authors from the anthology, "Unnatural Tales Of The Jackalope." My story, "The Jackalope and The Jellybean" was just mailed to formed first lady, Nancy Reagan last week. Hope you enjoy and I hope you support this wonderful book! You can pick it up on Amazon as a paperback *Only $7.95, or as an e-book :)

Fawn Interviewed By ASE Radio - Abundant Solutions Enterprises with Hosts Gregory Turner and Brian J. Henderson 


This is a very personal interview discussing career, thoughts about life, animals and my work with HIV/AIDS

Fawn Interviewed Tonight on Scary Scribes Radio Show Canada

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Fawn Officially a Short Story Published Author......

It's official! I am excited to announce that I was chosen to be in a Book Anthology! YES! My first official short story piece! Released today on Amazon by Western Legends for the Kindle. The paperback version will be out soon, hopefully in the coming week! The book is entitled "Unnatural Tales Of The Jackalope," a collection of stories about jackalopes, fome funny, some scary, some touching. My story is "The Jackalope and The Jellybean." Hope you enjoy it!!



Fawn Speaks Out About Kim Kardashian Supporting Fur

First Flour ‘Bombed’ Now Kim Kardashian Store Protested By Around 100 Concerned Citizens

(Story reprinted with permission from Diversity News Magazine April 2012)


Some people don’t know when to quit while they’re ahead. This seems to be the case with reality ‘star’ Kim Kardashian. First she’s ‘floured bombed’ last month in West Hollywood, California on the red carpet, then her DASH store in Calabasas, California is targeted by close to 100 concerned citizens protesting her use and promotion of fur.

On Saturday, April 14, 2012 from 12-2 protestors chanted rather peacefully, “Hey Kim what do you say, how many animals did you kill today?” and “40 animals, one fur coat.” The very cooperative and respectful group of people consisted of animal activists, animal lovers and concerned citizens who are disgusted with Kim Kardashian being a role model for their children. Last Chance For Animals Investigator Bryan Monell commented, “Kim Kardashian has admitted to having seen the footage of raccoons, cats and dogs being skinned alive for their fur and she STILL has fur in her line.” To this comment, one person was heard saying, “If she saw that and still has the nerve to sell fur and promote it then she has no soul.” Hit singer-songwriter Fawn said, “If we put people like the Kardashian’s on a pedestal and as role models for our youth, then what does that say about us as a collective people?”

© FFD Images          Left To Right: Lorik Bernstein, Fawn and Melissa MacDonald


Carrying signs and facing them towards the store to obvious uncomfortable employees inside, as well as lining the walls, walkways and street corners, the demonstrators kindly left a path for shoppers to walk through to the store. It was no surprise that the store eventually turned it’s lights out, hoping that the individuals exercising their constitutional right to express their opinion, would just go away.

Animal Rights Lawyer and Award Winning Director and Producer of “Skin Trade,” Shannon Keith said “We’re here trying to educate them on the atrocities of the fur trade and educate them, but they won’t allow me in the store. They don’t want to see this, (holding the film Skin Trade) because then they would know the truth and they wouldn’t want to wear fur.” She went on to say: “This reflects poorly on DASH and their policies because if they’re going to discriminate on people that just want to peacefully educate them, then who else are they discriminating against – what other classes of human being’s are they discriminating against from walking into their store?”

© FFD Images. Fawn with Fur Free West Hollywood and Animal Alliance Founder Ellen Lavinthal.


Organizer of Fur Free West Hollywood, Ellen Lavinthal said, “What’s very interesting and hypocritical is that Khloe Kardashian, one of the main owners of the store and one of the main people who ran the store originally before she moved to Texas with her husband, posed for PETA in an ad that said ‘I’d rather go naked then wear fur’ and yet she is condoning this behavior.” She went on to point out that “Most people are missing the point – Whether DASH is currently carrying fur is not the issue, as right now is not the ‘fur’ time of year, it is their continual promotion of fur on the red carpet, in their stores and on their reality how. It’s their arrogant refusal."

Calabasas California wasn’t the only state holding a protest at DASH. New York and Miami were simultaneously protesting DASH stores in their area as well. Rumor has it that Kim would just like this all to go away. Silly Kim. This is NOT going away. You will keep getting Twitter messages slamming your affinity to kill innocent animals for your vanity until you finally learn compassion and a bit of class. Don’t you know that it isn’t fashionable, appealing or even vogue to wear something that once had a mother, just like you? Lovers of the animal world don’t hold your breath. With some one like Kim, it may never happen.

© FFD Images. Fawn with Award Winning Director and Animal Rights Attorney Shannon Kieth