Halloween Classic The Headless Horseman by Recording Artist Fawn

Just in Time For Halloween, Fawn releases 'The Headless Horseman' Music Video Friday October 14, 2016


On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 Stonedef Records, Inc., announced that Billboard hit recording artist and singer-songwriter Fawn (also known as "Songirl’) will debut her third Halloween music video, 'The Headless Horseman', from her 2016 Halloween EP, ‘Monster House’ at 4PM PST/7PM EST on Friday, October 14, 2016 at:w ww.youtube.com/FawnTV

Fawn said: "My song 'The Headless Horseman' is the classic tale of Ichabod Crane on the night he faced The Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman in Tarrytown." Fawn continued, "As a child, I always was terrified by the headless horseman and was intrigued by the story, so I decided to write it in a song."
Fawn explained: "Making the music video, I started researching to get ideas on how to film The Headless Horseman, so I went on YouTube and started looking for ideas." Fawn stated, "In my research, I found Erika Flaskamp, Joe Addair and Michael Jubie. Through the power of the internet, I managed to contact each of them and explained my project. Erika and Michael graciously allowed me to use their footage, and Joe—who had made an amazing Headless Horseman Halloween costume—agreed to shoot footage riding on his horse Ginger in the Virginia mountains." Fawn summed it up: "Pretty amazing that three complete strangers from Florida, New York and Virginia would help me make this music video. I am beyond grateful to all of them."
Photo: Erika Flaskamp

When asked what prompted them to lend Fawn a hand, Erika Flaskamp, a singer herself expressed: "All artists should help one another. We are connected by our drive to bring happiness to the world. When you help with an open heart, good things come back to you!" 
Fawn added: "In addition to having these amazing people help me with the Headless Horseman character, I was truly lucky to have found an insanely talented actor who shared my love of this story, Austin Rhode to play the role of Ichabod Crane." Fawn continued: "He was so easy going, talented and fun to work with. " Austin said: "Sleepy Hollow is one of the eeriest Halloween tales, and Fawn gave me this incredible opportunity to step into the shoes of Ichabod Crane. It was a lot of fun working with her to make this video come to life."
Joe Addair, whose wife Becky shot footage for the video of him and his horse Ginger said: "What made me help Fawn was, as a child, I was taught to help others when and if I could, so I thought it was the right thing to do."
Photo: Joe Addair and Ginger

Fawn said: "The Headless Horseman song and the entire EP are good-hearted, fun songs that are perfect for Halloween parties and kids of all ages. They are in the vein of classics such as 'Monster Mash', 'Purple People Eater', and 'Thriller'. Fawn concluded, "There just needed to be more spooky, fun songs out there for Halloween, so I decided to write some!"
Photo: Headless Horseman Hayrides, NY
In 2010 Fawn hit the top of the Billboard Dance charts alongside Lady Gaga and Maria Carey, with Fawn’s song ‘Wish U Love,’ Produced by Chad Jack and Tim Letteer. Since the massive success of ‘Wish U Love,’ Fawn has won the 2013 EOTM award for "Best Female Recording Artist" and had two 2016 top 20 hit songs she wrote and performed, "Where Has Your Love Gone" and "Solitude", both produced by Digital Sixable. She has also been featured on multiple Film and TV shows such as The Natalee Holloway Story, Nickelodeon’s Hollywood Heights and the CBS soap opera, The Young and The Restless, to name a few, and is currently found on over forty-five compilation albums.
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This Halloween...Fawn and The Headless Horseman 

He's coming for you....The Headless Horseman by Fawn® October 2016. Photo ©Michael Jubie Headless Horseman Hayrides, NY

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