Happy New Year everybody! I know it's already 7 weeks into the New Year, and I am so late wishing you a Happy 2010, or what I like to call 2000WIN!

The year has come in like a lion for me! On January 2nd the song I wrote and sang “Wish U Love” was #6 on the Billboard Dance charts! Chad Jack and Tim Letteer are amazing men and producers. I really miss working with them and hope to do at least one project with each of them this year. I want to thank Michael Hades at Hades Music, for being such a kind and fair record label. There aren't many of those around any more! And also a BIG thank you to God and all the DJs who charted “Wish U Love” and played it in the clubs! I am extremely appreciative.


In January I was able to hang out with some of my peeps at the NAMM show and perform at the NAMM Jam. It was a hectic 5 days, but a lot of fun! My friends made the bad over-head lighting and blue carpet bearable! You will see pictures soon in my photo album as soon as I have time to load them up! I have been working on 2 EPs – one of songs produced in Electro style, and the other, my songs produced in a chill out style. They should be finished this year. Then I will be starting my traditional Christmas album. I have a few surprise collaborations in the works, but I never like to mention names, until the songs are at least finished.

At the NAMM Show with Tom Spano, Blake Lewis, Amber Vaughn and Richard Devine.


I signed a 10 week contract with Local Celebrity TV. Google Local Celebrity and you can see me every Sunday night as a Celebrity Judge in a Singing Competition. We are in week 5, at the halfway mark, so the competition is really heating up with some amazing vocalists! I do hope that you will stop over and share your thoughts!


On the personal side, this has been a very sad year so far. My first love took his own life in the first week in January and my Uncle Bob is struggling to live. Another dear person in my life is battling a brain tumor and he is not expected to make it many more days.


I have been very sad this year with all of the bad news, but so grateful to know/have known all of these people. I know that part of life, is death, but really that doesn't make it any easier to accept, does it? I am working on walking by faith, not by sight. Prayers are always appreciated. My message for 2010 is…Think less and THANK MORE. Sending you MUCH love my peeps!! Please stop over and comment, I love to hear from you and share! Tell me what's up with you! xoxo

In Case You Haven't Seen It...

Here is the music video to "Wish U Love", directed by Stephen Wozniak. Let me know what you think of it!

Welcome Back!

Hi peeps! Thank you for being patient while my official website was getting revamped!  A special thanks to Charles Jackman for re-creating this site for me! Things have been pretty crazy over in my world this year and I am completely grateful for every one in my life and the blessings that have been sent my way :O)

On the career side, things have been moving in a magical and surreal direction this year! I had some TV and film placements with my songs “J-Adore Paris” in the Natalee Holloway Story and “Dream Weaver” in the film “Dead End Falls. In September I traveld to Nashville for the JPF Music Awards. I was nominated for Best Dance Album 2009 and Best Dance Song 2009 ‘Wish U Love,’ and guess what? I WON both categories!! :O)  

Can you believe it? YAY!  It was my first time ever being nominated for any of my recordings and I was so excited I cried right there on the live webcast  of the show! On August 19th the song I wrote and sang produced by Chad Jack and Tim Letteer, ‘Wish U Love’ was released on the Masterbeat exclusives. We ended up being #2 only to Madonna on the Masterbeat charts! In October ‘Wish U Love’ was  officially released and entered at #5 on the Billboard Hot Dance Break Outs charts!

The following week it entered the Billboard Dance Charts at #46 (the 2nd highest add of the week next to Depeche Mode).  It has since charted each week with a bullet at #42, #38, #32, #27, #22 and now #19! On September 12th I shot the music video for it with director Stephen Wozniak. You will see some photos on here from that day taken by my favorite photographer, Satu with make up done by Marlene G for Naked Minerals.

The music video features two of my wolf rescue dogs, Dakota age 4 and Wolfadeaus age 16. :O) I’m currently working on 2 new Albums, one in the style of Electro and the other in the style of Chill Out. I am hoping to start recording songs for my Christmas album after the new year. December 5th I will be performing for a charity event benefiting the Amanda Foundation, so if you’re in West Hollywood, stop on over!

On the personal side, I’ve been doing pretty well, continuing to rescue and foster abandoned and needy animals this year. My rotar cuff tear is FINALLY healing after 9 months and I can almost raise my right arm up!

In September, my personal Facebook page was disabled for no apparent reason. I lost almost 5000 friends, and had to start completely over! So please find me over there and add me so we can keep in touch :O) Unfortunately with all the good this going on this year, there has been great personal loss.

My beautiful Aunt Nancy passed away at the age of 76 after a long battle with cancer and my beloved rescue doggie, Composer (aka my Posie, my Rosie) passed away at home, the morning of May 17th this year. He was 23 and I miss him terribly.  

I also lost my little rescue dwarf hamster, Vincent (he came with that name) and my Parakeet, Miracle. I found Miracle one day flying in people’s hair at church 4.5 years ago. Although part of life is death, it is still difficult for those of us left behind :o(

I am hoping that you enjoy the holidays coming up and spend time with those who are near and dear to your heart. Don’t waste another moment away from those who mean the most to you! May you be blessed in the New year and love with all your heart!  Love you!!!  Xoxo  Fawn

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