Recording Studio, Tiger Heat, Bold Native Premiere, LA Pride, LGBT Opening Party, Thumping Tails Animal Rescue and Four Legged Friends Foundation

The past 10 days have been a chaotic whirlwind. I attended 3 days of LA Pride, the LA Pride Kick Off Opening Party, Tiger Heat with Dj Ray Rhodes, got back into the recording studio, started writing some new songs for a film project, finished recording vocals for my song "Think" for Proton Records, attended the Bold Native Premiere (which is a MUST SEE), had fun at a vegan potluck with people who care about injustices happening in the world and attended a fundraiser --"Unleashed: Celebrities To The Rescue Event at the Highlands"--for Thumping Tails Animal Rescue and the Four Legged Friends Foundation. Here are some photos from my week :) I have a couple of radio interviews and TV shows coming up, will keep you posted! Tomorrow it's New York for me! :)

Recording Studio......

The Bold Native Movei Premiere with 2 of the actors from the film. DJ Ray Rhodes at Tiger HeatUnleashed Celebrities To The Rescue Event at the Highlands with Producer Barney Cohen.LA Pride Brunch with Recording Artist Kris Searle.Tiger Heat with Acctor/Model LarsLA PRIDE Opening Party with Designer Bobby Trendy.


Dogs and Cats are Skinned ALIVE in China for OUR "FAUX FUR" Let's STOP THIS cruelty!!!!!!!!

WHAT would you DO if some one tried to SKIN YOUR DOG OR CAT ALIVE??? Let's get this CHANGED!!!!!!!!! In honor of the furry ones you LOVE!!!!!

95% of all "FAUX FUR" contains dog and cat hair from CHINA!  PLEASE help us stop this buy NO LONGER BUYING FAUX FUR.!/video/video.php?v=10150163282810408&ref=mf


Back From New York Gay Pride Festivals / Skin Trade Public Movie Premiere


I'm pretty exhausted, with very little sleep for the past 10 days/nights. I went to New York for 3 nights and performed at the Staten Island Pride Festival and the Queens Pride Festival for over 50,000 people.  It was such a wonderful time! It was surreal being around dance diva legends Kylie Minogue and Amber! What a THRILL! Special thanks for Michael Hades, Richie, Billie, Motherjuan, Chad Jack, Lovari and Tim Letteer for making me feel right at home! I will be returning to NYC June 26-28th to perform at the Manhatten Pride Festival.  Tomorrow I will be a special "celebrity" reporter with Kris Searle for Diversity News at the LA Pride Festival. On Wednesday night, I attended the Opening LA Pride Party at Club Eleven with Taylor Dayne and Sharon Osbourne. My friends Momma and Bobby Trendy were there, it was great seeing every one!

Tim Letteer and Chad Jack at Staten Island Pride

Last night was the Public Movie Premiere of SKIN TRADE in Westwood. The director Shannon Keith just won 3 awards for the documentary including first place for the 2010 Los Angeles Movie Awards for Best Documentary Feature and Best Director, and Indie Fest Award Of Merit.  This is a MUST SEE. We have the opportunity to CHANGE THE WORLD by passing laws that require "faux fur" to tell THE TRUTH, which is that 95% of "Faux fur" contains dog and cat hair from dogs and cats SKINNED ALIVE in CHINA. We MUST STOP THIS.  Please help!  Google Skin Trade and find out what you can do about this HORRIBLE LIE.

I have been so busy performing and attending events, that I have not been able to get back into the recording studio. I am hoping to return as early as next week to finish some vocals for my new release "THINK."

Here is one of my favorite photos taken of me onstage at Queens Pride in front of 50,000 :)

I was also blessed to be in GOOTH Magazine in NYC this month!  Special thanks to LOVARI for interviewing me!!  It was incredible to be in the magazine with Taylor Dayne!

Here are some photos from SKIN TRADE.......Holly Brown. Gene Blalock and Director of Skin Trade Shannon Keith.


Top 10 on MTV's Logo Channel for 3 months and NYC Gay pride

It has been WAY too long! I have too much to catch up on!  Since I got back from Miami, I have been in the studio recording my electro album, chill out dance album and writing songs for my traditional Christmas album.  I have also re-written a few words of The Frames Song "Falling Slowly" and re-recorded my own version.  I'm currently doing a single release for Proton records on Beatport with Mango.  I've written and sung a song entitled "Think" and it should be out in the coming months. "Wish U Love" is on a Hades Music Compilation out now, and is #1 on Masterbeat! The compilation can also be found on beatport. 

I am happy to report that "Wish U Love" has remained in the top 10 music videos for 3 months now on MTV's Logo Channel!  Thank you my firends!  What an amazing surprise!  I have seen my music video played at Club 11 and it was really a cool experience!  I saw the Perry Twins spin and was totally floored when they played "Wish U Love!" It was my first experience being in a club while my song played. Very surreal and quite a thrill! I am hoping to do a collaboration with them in the near future.

In La I have been performing at charity events, going to a few movie premieres and things like that. I made my first magazine cover for the magazine "Large and In Charge."  I was the April cover model. I am in GOOTH Magazine for June, in print in NYC and available on the internet as well!  Stop over and check it out!  In April I did the show "Talk Time With Brazy" and enjoyed talking to people around the world--Brazy is great! and just yesterday I did the FRANTIC FRIDAY Reputation Label Radio show for 3 hours with Hosts Kris Searle, Monkey and Robert Burgener.  I am happy to report that they had their BIGGEST audience yet!  Doubling the amount of listeners to 162,000!  12,000 of those came from LA, so thank you my friends for tuning in!

Gay pride...I am performing for all the gay prides in NYC  June 4th-7th so I hope you will stop over and say hello and save me a hug!  In Los Angeles, the following week, I will be a "Celebrity Host" at LA Pride with Kris Searle for Diversity News. Hope to see you there!!

More soon!  I hope you are healthy, happy and know that you are LOVED!  Here is a video from some movie premieres I attended. Please stop over and post a comment if the spirit moves ya. Feel free to check out ALL of my videos at  and if you are on twitter, follow me at @songirl :) xoxo



Miami Baby! :)


I'm in Miami right now, sitting on the balcony on the ocean. Just got in yesterday and today I was part of the TV and FILM panel for the Winter Music Conference 2010 (WMC). Tomorrow I will be performing at Kung Fu Kitchen, as the only vocalist/songwriter among a bunch of DJ's, so I am excited about that! Tomorrow is the GRAMMY VIP party and I will also be at the Black Hole party with some of my friends.

With David Guetta backstage at IDMA awards.

Thursday I will be performing at 4 shows, opening for Duane Harden and a later show opening for Serge Devant. Then on the weekend I am at Ultra Fest and this is my first year performing there! I am very excited about that!  If you are here in Miami, please stop over and say hello so I can meet you :)

With Ap. De. Ap backstage at Ultra Fest, night 1.

Last Sunday was the FINALE of the TV show I was  judge on - Local Celebrity. It was an amazing last show and Shane won!

With Local Celebirty Judge David Harrison Levi during the Finale Competition.


I am almost finished with my electro album, and am halfway done with my shill out album. More news soon! Happy Spring every one! xoxoxo