Over 300 Animal Advocates Protest Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus at The Staples Center

This past Wednesday, I joined over 300 Animal lovers in protesting Ringling Bros. & Barnum amd Baily Circus on opening night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. As a result of us protesting, 4 families asked for a refund, after realizing the horrific treatment of these animals. This was my first protest. I didn't know what to expect, but now that I have done it, I feel ashamed to have never protested before. We have a first amendment right to speak our mind. I am often ashamed of how the human race treats animals, children and others with egotistical, pride-filled evil acts.  Here are some photos and a video blog of my journey.....



Chad Jack & Tim Letteer Vs. FAWN "Wish U Love" Music Video Remains in Top 10 for 5 Months (20 weeks) on MTV's LOGO Channel

THANK YOU for keeping the "Wish U Love" music video, directed by Stephen Wozniak in the Top 10 for 5 months (20 weeks), with it's highest spot reaching #3 on MTV's LOGO Channel! They took it down today, siting that they only allow videos to be on there for 15 weeks. (A bit of a contradiction). I thank you from my heart ♥ Maybe we will be able to break even on the song because of the longevity in the top 10. ♥ THANK YOU again!  

Be who you're born to be and be a LIGHT in the world! (Thank you for being a light in my life!)


xoxooxxo ♥



Another version of the music video, courtesy of Rober McAuley!  Thank you Robert! :o) Remix By Danny James........

True Freedom on Independence Day

When some one hurts us we feel justified to be angry, but this is WRONG.  We have no control over what happens to us, but we DO have control over how we RESPOND to what happens to us  ♥  NEVER allow another to steal the LIGHT or JOY that is inside you  ♥  It is a pure heart that has joy, which will only come from a healed spirit  ♥  Have gratitude NO MATTER WHAT, and LOVE today my friends...for THIS is your only TRUE FREEDOM  ♥

 Here's a little reminder about how you can TALK your way to HAPPY

"Wish U Love" music video #3 on MTV's LOGO Channel / Manhatten Pride

Excited to tell you that the "Wish U Love" music video climbed to #3 this week on MTV's LOGO Channel!  It has been in the top 10 for over 4 months now, but this is the highest spot it has reached!  THANK YOU my friends for making this possible! I just got back from New York City, performing for Manhatten Pride. The Hades Music Pride party was off the chain!  High atop the roof of a sky scraper in Manahtten with an air conditioned Loft turned into a night club. Michael Hades spinned for 7 hours straight while people danced, drank and socialized. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this event, I hope you like the rainbow braids I wore in honor of this day!  Although it was hot in the city (over 90 degrees), the parade was even hotter with all the fierce costumes and floats!  Manhatten really knows how to put one on!  I also discovered that I was on 3 pages of the June 2010 GOOTH Magazine! Very, very cool! Thank you GOOTH magazine for your support of me in the May and June issues! I really appreciate that! On the home front, my rescue animals are doing well--17 year old Wolfadeaus (my oldest wolf dog) is hanging in there! About 12 hours after landing in LA, I attended the Shac7 event. I will be writing more about that, but please support the people in this world who are striving to make this a better place. In the coming week, I plan to visit Animal Acres to do Farm duty! I will let you know how that goes and how you can participate as well! I am scheduled to perform in CT next month to raise money for a local theatre. Deets soon to follow!  And this week I am back into the recording studio. Please let me know what is going on in your life! I love hearing from you! xoxoxo Fawn.....here are some of the New York Pride photos :o)At the Hades Pride Party high atop a skyscraper in Manhatten.

with Zhana and Michael Hades

with remixer/producer David Ohana

My rainbow hair in honor of Manhatten Pride

with Chad Jack at Hades Pride Party in Manhatten

With Richie Peralta and MIchael Hades

with my New York angel, Lovari

Dance Diva legend Amber


Come join the Circus Protest Wednesday, July 14th 5pm Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA 

This Wednesday there will be a protest at the Staples Center, starting at 5pm. Watch THIS and then decide if you can ever go to a Circus again! My theory is this: If the children of the world knew what it takes to force the animals to "do tricks" and "perform," then they wouldn't WANT to go to the Circus! 

Visit RinglingBeatsAnimals.com

Tim Gorski is currently completing his Documentary "How I Became An Elephant" which addresses this very issue.  When he releases his brilliant and profound documentary, I hope you will support it! Here is a link where you can make a donation to this important made-for-television documentary.  Just think how good you will feel having made a contribution to help right a wrong and get the word out :o)


Iin case you don't know who Timothy Gorski is: http://www.animalconsultants.org/consultants/gorski_tim.htm

(Photo: ©2010 FFD Images, Skin Trade Public Movie Premiere)


Also, I have been completely feeling depressed and hopeless over this oil spill situation. The turtles being burned alive, the sea life dying, the dolphins crying. My friends...WHAT CAN WE DO???? Please tell me! How can we ALLOW this kind of suffering to our animals and our planet and ultimately to US?  I wish this were just a horrible nightmare that we could all wake up from, but it is not. It is REALITY.  I understand that they are now trying to cover up things and no longer allow photographs. PUHLEEZE!!!! This is OUR EARTH!  We have a RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AND A RIGHT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND BRING THOSE AT FAULT TO JUSTICE!!!! But there is NO JUSTICE for the human lives lost and the innocent animals.