Fawn VS. Digital Sixable "Where Has Your Love Gone" Released October 24, 2013

My new release with Digital Sixable "Where Has Your Love Gone" is coming out this Thursday, October 24th through Sofamusic, available on Beatport, then a week later on itunes. I wrote the words and music and of course performed it, and Digital Sixable brilliantly produced it :o) Hope you enjoy this snippet! (Not the full song)

Wish U Love Re-Release

Getting amped up for the Re-release of #6 Billboard hit song "Wish U Love" available SOON to every one in the world again!

West Hollywood bans commercial displays of exotic animals! VICTORY!

VICTORY!! West Hollyood bans commercial displays of exotic animals! Share the good news, as we keep working torwards a more compassionate and educated world! We're all in this together!  Fawn         www.fawnmusic.com

What God Knows About Me is Infinitely more important than what others think of me - Fawn  www.fawnmusic.com

Fawn, Digital Sixable Music Video "Solitude"

Directed and Produced by Carlos Durriff