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Jack The Ripper Comes to Life This Halloween in New Music Video by Hit Recording Artist Fawn

LOS ANGELES - Oct. 5, 2017 - PRLog -- On Thursday, October 5, 2017, Stonedef Records, announced Billboard hit recording artist and songstress Fawn® (also known as 'Songirl') will release 'Jack The Ripper,' the second Halloween music video from her Halloween EP, "Ghoulish Ghosts - Halloween Party Songs Vol. II", which came out on Monday, October 2, 2017.

Fawn hit the top of the Billboard Dance charts alongside Lady Gaga and Maria Carey, with her song "Wish U Love," Produced by Chad Jack and Tim Letteer. Since the huge success of "Wish U Love," Fawn has been nominated for several music awards, including nine nominations for the 2017 JPF Music Awards, which will hold its award ceremony in Hollywood, California Spring 2018. Fawn won a songwriting award from VH-1 Song of The Year for her song, "Christmas Time". In 2016, Fawn had two top ten hit songs she wrote and performed, "Where Has Your Love Gone" and "Solitude," and also won the EOTM award for "Best Female Recording Artist." Her songs and music have been featured in multiple films and TV shows such as The Natalee Holloway Story, Nickelodeon's Hollywood Heights, Spike Lee films and the CBS soap, The Young and The Restless and others. Fawn can also be found on over 50 compilation albums.

When asked why Fawn chose to write a song about Jack The Ripper she explained,  "Once I decided to do a second Halloween album, I thought of things that might be scary in today's world, so what jumped out to me was Jack The Ripper and the fact no one knows his identity or his motivations. Then I thought to myself, 'Well that isn't scary today because it was so long ago, he isn't a threat anymore…BUT what IF his ghost was still killing people?' This gave me the idea to resurrect Jack as a ghost in the song, something which might still terrify people today."

The music video features Austin Rhode, Cher Rue and Christine Jace, all actors Fawn has worked with before. Cher Rue (Mary Anne) said, "I loved playing her. It was eerie to bring her persona back to life. I felt like I was a part of history. I am always inspired by projects Fawn does, she puts her heart into every song."

Christine Jace said, "Playing Mary Jane was very different from what I've done before I've never done a death scene so it was challenging, yet surprisingly fun! It was exciting dressing up in elaborate costumes, which brought her back to life and felt so real. When I get to work with Fawn I jump at the chance. Anything she creates will be excellent. She always makes the process exciting and fun, so I'm thankful to be a part of her projects."

Austin Rhode (Jack The Ripper) said, "Working with Fawn is always a great pleasure. I'd taken a previous role in one of Fawn's works playing Ichabod Crane for her Headless Horseman music video, so when she thought I'd be perfect as Jack The Ripper, I jumped at the opportunity."Austin continued, "Taking the role of the titular Ripper, I felt very at home in his shoes. One of the fun, yet creepy experiences while filming on set was the unexpected surprise of stabbing my mother to death." He laughed, "I considered that a positive experience"

Megan Rhode, Austin's mother commented, "I played a modern-day lady of the night. Having my son attack me, pull a knife on me and repeatedly stab me was both funny and creepy. I was terrified and loved it! I'm a friend and admirer of Fawn, as well as a horror fan, so getting a part in this Jack The Ripper video was a lot of fun. Also, being that my son played Ripper himself, it made being a victim even more interesting. Fawn's a lot of fun to be around. We laughed and joked a lot and it was interesting to watch her mind work as she directs."

Fawn said, "This song itself is epic in its history and sound. Music producer Malcolm Smith did an excellent job capturing an old feel with a current sound. I adore working with him and have so much admiration and respect for his talent. He makes writing singing songs so easy because I always know his intuition of how a song should sound is going to be spot on every time."

Fawn continued, "What made this music video different was the wardrobe and setting. I've always been a Victorian era type of girl, even the furnishings in my home are from that time period. My friends tease me, saying I have a 'Liberace' touch, which makes me laugh, but it's true. I love that time period and style, so shooting this was a natural progression for me. One of the aspects that makes this music video so scary are the elements from AtmosFx®. They granted me permission to use some of their footage and it made this video come together in the scariest way. If you aren't familiar with AtmosFx® they are a digital decorating company that helps people customize their homes for holidays and celebrations with fun and entertaining animated characters and stories, and in this case, scary and dark stories." Fawn concluded, "Michael Gills from the AtmosFX® company says it best: "From a crafty, yet clumsy witch to Santa himself, zombies, a winter wonderland, and more, AtmosFx® offers a variety of beautifully animated, amusement-park-quality scenes and characters that can be viewed on any TV or monitor, and projected on flat surfaces-even windows."

Jack The Ripper arrives October 6, 2017, 9am PST.

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