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Halloween Cartoon Animated FrankEnstein Video by Hit Recording Artist Fawn Celebrates Diversity

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On Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 4pm PST/7pm EST Billboard chart topping recording artist and singer-songwriter Fawn® will debut her first Halloween cartoon animated music video. The anti-bullying music video ‘Frank Enstein” will makes it’s entry into the world at www.youtube.com/FawnTV.

“Frank Enstein” is one of five Halloween songs from the singer’s first Halloween EP “Monster House” which was officially released by Stonedef Records, Inc. on Friday, September 23, 2016.
Fawn said, “This was a super fun music video to create. It was a blessing working with such a talented team of artists who brought the characters I envisioned and the story I wrote to life. California based artist Toni Tails drew me for the video, and she did a great job.” Fawn laughed, “I know it wasn’t easy drawing all my braids!” She continued, “When I wrote this song, I didn’t realize at the time that this was really a story about being bullied and not fitting in–it was actually how I felt my entire childhood and teen years, until I went to Berklee College Of Music.” Fawn revealed, “When I got there, I found my home and my family. I finally fit in.”
Fawn explained, “I’ve always gravitated towards the ‘mis-fits’ of the world because I’ve always felt like one. In Charlie Brown, I felt sorry for him and Pig-Pen. In Winnie The Pooh, I identified with Eeyore. On Sesame Street, it was Grover I loved. And can you guess what Christmas show I loved the most? Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. I wanted to rescue all the mis-fit toys off the island, take them home and love them.” Fawn continued, “Seems as though, no matter what children’s shows I watched, the characters that drew me in that were the one’s that were down and out. This is a song about accepting and loving some one just the way they are, seeing the light inside of them and not caring what any one else thinks.”
Fawn recounted, “The movie and character Frankenstein always broke my heart–the way the villagers treated him and mis-understood him. He just wanted to be loved. Isn’t that all that any one wants? I can identify with him on a very deep level and I hope that this song and video motivates people to accept and celebrate our differences instead of judging or making fun of them.”
To hear Fawn’s Halloween EP and other songs, go to
IMDB: Fawn (II)
Twitter: @Songirll
Instagram: Fawn_aka_songirl

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