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Chad Jack & Tim Letteer Vs. FAWN "Wish U Love" Music Video Remains in Top 10 for 5 Months (20 weeks) on MTV's LOGO Channel

THANK YOU for keeping the "Wish U Love" music video, directed by Stephen Wozniak in the Top 10 for 5 months (20 weeks), with it's highest spot reaching #3 on MTV's LOGO Channel! They took it down today, siting that they only allow videos to be on there for 15 weeks. (A bit of a contradiction). I thank you from my heart ♥ Maybe we will be able to break even on the song because of the longevity in the top 10. ♥ THANK YOU again!  

Be who you're born to be and be a LIGHT in the world! (Thank you for being a light in my life!)


xoxooxxo ♥



Another version of the music video, courtesy of Rober McAuley!  Thank you Robert! :o) Remix By Danny James........

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