Come join the Circus Protest Wednesday, July 14th 5pm Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA 
Friday, June 25, 2010 at 01:13AM

This Wednesday there will be a protest at the Staples Center, starting at 5pm. Watch THIS and then decide if you can ever go to a Circus again! My theory is this: If the children of the world knew what it takes to force the animals to "do tricks" and "perform," then they wouldn't WANT to go to the Circus! 


Tim Gorski is currently completing his Documentary "How I Became An Elephant" which addresses this very issue.  When he releases his brilliant and profound documentary, I hope you will support it! Here is a link where you can make a donation to this important made-for-television documentary.  Just think how good you will feel having made a contribution to help right a wrong and get the word out :o)


Iin case you don't know who Timothy Gorski is:

(Photo: ©2010 FFD Images, Skin Trade Public Movie Premiere)


Also, I have been completely feeling depressed and hopeless over this oil spill situation. The turtles being burned alive, the sea life dying, the dolphins crying. My friends...WHAT CAN WE DO???? Please tell me! How can we ALLOW this kind of suffering to our animals and our planet and ultimately to US?  I wish this were just a horrible nightmare that we could all wake up from, but it is not. It is REALITY.  I understand that they are now trying to cover up things and no longer allow photographs. PUHLEEZE!!!! This is OUR EARTH!  We have a RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AND A RIGHT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND BRING THOSE AT FAULT TO JUSTICE!!!! But there is NO JUSTICE for the human lives lost and the innocent animals.




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